Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rockin the Heart Cover Reveal

ROCKIN the HEART by Gracen Miller
NA Contemporary
Expected release date: January 23rd
(unofficial blurb – official blurb will release along with the book on January 23, 2014)

If music nourishes the soul…

Loved by millions, but shunned by blood, Heath “Fang” Fangor has led his band, Hot Wired, to the top while others have fallen by the wayside. He devoted his life to music, and from that devotion harvested a new family—his band mates and fans.

A man can desire nothing else…or can he?

Living in the shadow of her brother’s fame sucks! Sam Collins is desperate to have what she wants—a simple and uncomplicated life. She’s no stranger to scandals and how they work. Now that she’s inadvertently dragged Fang into the center of her latest gossip, could the scandal she created in her quest for freedom have gone too far?

Amid stardom the heart stages a new melody…

Fang has more fame and fortune than he will ever need, but none of that matters if he can’t have the woman of his dreams. Years have been wasted waiting for the right moment to approach the woman his heart desires above all others. There’s just one major problem...she’s his best friend’s sister. To have her, he will have to risk it all.

That might be responsible for Rockin the Heart!

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Cover design by Andrea Kozari

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Welsh Wolf in Wellington blog tour

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Since most of Sasha’s story takes place in Wellington, the compact and thriving

capital city of New Zealand. I though it would be fun to feature a different part of the

city – especially those mentioned in the book – on each tour ‘stop’. Come and join me

on a truly unique virtual tour of Wellington.

Pauatahanui Inlet

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Pauatahanui (pronounced part-a-noo-ee) is a tiny village north of Wellington, with

green hills as a backdrop and a beautiful inlet of water that leads out to the sea. Even

on a stormy day this inlet is usually calm, and on a quiet day, it’s stunning.

Pauatahanui, by the way, is Maori for the big side of the paua shell, paua being a local

shellfish delicacy not unlike a giant scallop. The shells are exquisite to look at and

every craft and tourist shop you visit here, is filled with gifts decorated with paua


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Trailer, Excerpt, Giveaway and more...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Into Romance Hop


So it begins...

Romance is, and will always be, my favorite genre. Thankfully, the selection is never ending but the sub-genre is what pulls me to a romance, and the uniqueness of a story is what holds me there. Stories that are bold, different and push the envelope are the ones I adore. So, let me feed your like-minded addiction and giveaway some delicious ebooks. 

Two winners. Your choice of one of the following:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rearranged is off to a good start

Good morning/afternoon! This morning I woke up to my name and book on USA Today! This is a good start for Rearranged, which is officially out on Friday, August 23rd.

On top of this exciting news, The Romance Reviews gave Rearranged 5 shinny stars and added it to their Top Pick list! Big thanks to, I <3 Bookie Nookie, for the awesome review and her challenge to all readers, "I'll challenge any romance lover to read REARRANGED and walk away without fantasizing about Wade.." I have to agree, Wade is yummy. ;)

The Romance Review

Friday we will kick off the Rearranged blog tour, brought to you by, Book Hustlers! Stay tuned for more prizes and giveaways!

Thank you for your support!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cover Reveal: Rearranged by Tina Carreiro

Rearranged Cover Reveal

COMING AUGUST 23rd, 2013
Title: Rearranged
Author: Tina Carreiro
Paperback: 214 pages
Publisher: Time and Tide Publishing
Release Date: August 23rd 2013
ISBN – 13: 978-0-9892549-5-3
ISBN-10: 0-9892549-5-X
ISBN-10: 0989254968
ISBN-13: 978-0-9892549-6-0



Carly West is good at taking care of herself—she’s been doing it since her mama died. She can even make marrying a man she didn’t choose work. But when gorgeous ranch foreman, Wade Dawson struts into her life, everything changes. Her life starts to unravel, lies are uncovered, and the only comfort she finds is in the arms of a stranger.

Wade Dawson has one thing on his mind, to fulfill his brother’s responsibilities and get the hell out of this small town. But he soon finds out he wasn’t only hired to watch the ranch, but to see that the farmer’s daughter makes it down the aisle. It’s the first job he isn’t sure he can follow through with. But if he doesn’t, his brother’s reputation and freedom is at stake.

Bound by obligation to marry another man…

Bound by blood to save his brother…

Will one night destroy it all?

Author Bio and Links

Tina spends her days writing and creating fantasy worlds until she’s forced back into reality where she pretends to be “normal.” When not writing, she’s a full-time cub scout/camping/gymnastic/PS3 mom for her son and daughter and a devoted wife to her leading man, the love of her life-husband. She’s addicted to writing, romance novels, zombie movies, and coffee with caramel macchiato creamer. She fully believes in karma and pours her heart into everything she does.  She loves life and embraces every moment of it.

Web: www.tinacarreiro.com
Blog: www.tinacarreiro.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Tina-Carreiro/113900751973213
Twitter: www.twitter.com/tincarr
Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/4833657.Tina_Carreiro
Amazon Authorwww.amazon.com/Tina-Carreiro/e/B0057FRXL2  

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

COVER REVEAL: Creatura by Nely Cab



Friday, June 21, 2013

Guest Author: Sofia Grey

While I'm off playing with the kids for summer, I have Sofia Grey with us today! Please give her a warm welcome as she tours to promote her new novel, Obsession. Happy reading!
Mr and Mrs Angry

Continuing with my theme of dark personality traits, do you know a Mr Angry? They’re everywhere! And have you noticed, it’s often the height-challenged guys who have the biggest chips on their (low) shoulders? Anger comes in all shapes and sizes. It takes a lot to get me angry. I will simmer on a low burn for ages, but when I blow my top… people scatter. My son runs for cover and my hubby sighs and braces himself for the outburst. However, it’s usually all over pretty quickly, I don’t go in for the lingering rows.

I’m not sure what’s worse, the furious blazing row or the long, drawn out one. And then you get the people who hold it bottled inside for ever, until it starts to taint their very existence.
In Obsession, Gabe Bridgewater is fiercely controlled in all aspects of his life. Like me, it takes a lot to push him over the edge.

I’ve made a point of never losing control. I’ve never gotten drunk, didn’t touch drugs and always remained aware of my surroundings. I’d become famous for it, in our circle of friends, at least. But this…
I wanted to hit something. Or someone. In a blaze of fury, I swept my arm across the desktop and shoved everything onto the floor. My heart raced as though I’d run a marathon.
My eyes were drawn to the shattered china mug on the floor, the hot tea trickling down the wall to join the puddle blooming on the carpet. It’s a good thing Suki had already left for work.
So what kind of Angry Person are you? The continuous low background grumble or the furious explosion? Leave a comments and I’ll put your name into a draw for a copy of Obsession.

Obsession is available 12 June 2013, from Time & Tide Publishing.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Obsession by Sofia Grey : Book Spotlight Blitz & Giveaway

Obsession (Talisman Series Book One)
Sofia Grey

Genre: Dark contemporary romance with a hint of paranormal

Publisher: Time & Tide Publishing
Date of Publication: 12 June 2013

ISBN-13: 978-0-9892549-2-2 ebook
ISBN-13: 978-0-9892549-4-6 print

Number of pages: 352
Word Count: 100k


Cover Artist: Tincar Creations

Book Description:

Josh Delaney is the ideal honey trap. His charm and model good looks would be enough for most women, but coupled with his psychic ability to read their thoughts, he’s impossible to resist. Suspicious husbands employ him to test their wives, to see if they can be tempted to stray.

High profile couple Suki and Gabe Bridgewater have the perfect marriage, or at least, that’s the image they portray to the world. Behind closed doors, Gabe’s dominance in the marriage is unravelling and he decides to test Suki, using Josh as bait.

For Josh it should be just another easy job, but two things go horribly wrong.

One, Josh falls in love with Suki.

And two, Gabe refuses to let her go.


 Short Excerpt: 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Power of the Moon nominated for Best Paranormal Romance (2012)

When you open an email like this, it really gets your blood pumping. I'm excited to announce Power of the Moon is nominated for Best Paranormal Romance (2012) at The Romance Reviews (“TRR”). Voting starts today and you have to be logged in to vote! How awesome is that!

  Please stop by and vote for your favorite!

The Romance Review

TRR reviewed Power of the Moon back in November of 2012 and gave it 5 stars, tagging it as one of TRR's TOP PICKS.

To have your work recognized and to be nominated at all is such an honor. Congratulation to all the other authors who made the list.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cover reveal: Impending Reprisals by Jolyn Palliata

Impending Reprisals by Jolyn Palliata

Expected Release Date: February 25, 2013

Anya’s simple, medieval life spirals into a fantastical whirlwind the moment Merivic, a lord, decides to take her for his own. Succumbing to his charisma, Anya is whisked off to his distant kingdom. But shortly after her arrival, she is reunited with her lost love, Kael, when he is introduced as her personal sentinel, and it soon becomes apparent their feelings for one another remain unresolved.

Struggling with what her heart wants and what duty dictates, Anya is soon immersed into a world of manipulation, deceit, and dark magic. Surrounded by impending danger from an unknown enemy, Anya attempts to deny Kael—her protector—to pursue a life with Merivic—the key to the evil threatening her. And while one man seduces her mind with magic, the other captures her heart with love.

Genre: Romance, Fantasy Release date: 02/25/13 Publisher: Time and Tide Publishing 

ISBN-13: 978-0-9856576-6-6

ISBN-13: 978-0-9856576-7-3 


About The Author
Jolyn Palliata writes romance for adults and young adults alike, and has dabbled in just about every genre there is (paranormal being her favorite). She lives in the Midwest with her highly patient husband and insanely energetic son.


She loves the interaction with her readers!

Where you can stalk Jolyn:

Amazon Author Page