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I ♥ Bookie Nookie, The Romance Reviews, 5/5 Stars, Top Pick and nominated best book of 2012!: Entertaining and exciting, POWER OF THE MOON is the best paranormal panty ripper I have read in a very long time! Unlike so many of the paranormal reads of today, POWER OF THE MOON forces readers to beg for a little nookie and I love that! Tina Carreiro does a magnificent job drawing out the sexual tension, really giving the reader something to look forward to as opposed to jumping straight into the sack. If you are craving a great paranormal read, then you should definitely check out POWER OF THE MOON—you are sure to be sucked in from the very beginning!

 Ollie, Bitten by Paranormal Romance, 5/5 Stars:
This is an action packed novel that will have you glued to the pages and a tempting, teasing romance that will have you panting. This is a book that will please both urban fantasy and paranormal romance fans.

Anne, Read Between the Lines, 5/5 Stars: Wow this book was a very fast, sit on the edge of your seat read, for many different reasons. this is a sexy and I mean sexy action packed read that will leave you wanting more. especially more of Cole (dayum) (yummy).

Mindy, Forbidden Reviews, 5/5 Stars: This book is an EPIC vampire story! It's filled with love, hate, raw emotion, STEAMY sex and a scene that makes the song "Love in an Elevator" by Aerosmith play over and over in your head. Did I mention the passion and the steam? Seriously...this book causes global warming for REAL!!!

Jessica, Beauty and The Bookaholic, 5/5 Stars: Move over everyone Tina Carreiro is on fire and everyone is gonna get burned!! This book is by far the best book I have read this year or EVER actually!!! 

Kathryn, Tsk, Tsk What to Read?, 4/5 Stars:  Filled with hold on to your seat action, nail biting suspense, and a blooming hot sexy romance, Power of the Moon is a book you don't want to miss out on...

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