Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Power of the Moon Blog Tour - Last Stop!

What an awesome day to end a tour on one of my favorite holidays, Halloween! We had an incredible two weeks filled with fun and prizes. This was my first blog tour. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. I’ve been involved in websites in the past so I know a lot of hard work goes into running one but this blog tour was something entirely different. Wow! I have to hand it to all the bloggers that helped on this tour. You guys busted your ass! This was a lot of work. I really had NO idea the amount of time and effort it takes to pull off a blog tour. I do know how much love and passion each blogger puts into their site though, and that I will always be grateful for you, the bloggers. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and give me a spot on your site. 

A special thanks to the host site, Forbidden Reviews. Thank you, Mindy, for showing me the way. :)

I wasn’t sure what to post at the end of the tour so I asked around. The answer I received: GIVE ME COVET THE MOON!

What can I tell you about CtM? Well, if you read the first chapter at the end of Power of the Moon you know the pace is set to be another thrilling ride. It’s going to be bloody and intense. I have laughed and cried several times while writing. I have delayed completing some scenes due to the emotions I have to pull up from the basement to write them. With PotM being my first book, I have learned a lot. I have learned to trust my gut and stay true to my voice. That means, the gloves are off and Covet is going to be an incredible ride for those who already love PoTM.

I’ve once again taken things I personally love and crafted Covet the Moon. This time… we’re going to “take it to the mattresses.” *hint*

Covet short blurb:
Being a cop is hard enough without the urge to lick the blood from a fresh corpse at a crime scene. Once you've mastered your inner beast, you can keep your fangs from popping. That is, until someone takes away the one person who speaks to your soul, and you’re pushed to your breaking point. Then, the vampire within claws at you from the inside, leaving you with one choice – let it rage!

~ Covet the Moon - coming soon to a coffin near you!

Sometimes you have to unleash the beast…



As a BIG thank you for reading! Here’s something extra!

Enter to win one LIMITED Power of the Moon swag piece. This handcuff charm is symbolic to the book and engraved with Power of the Moon.

Here is your last chance to enter to win a swag pack at Forbidden Reviews 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Road to Hell series: Day 11 - Sweet-Heat Trick or Treat Tour

Stop by Author Gracen Miller's blog for the Sweet-Heat Trick or Treat Tour!

Road to Hell series: Day 11 - Sweet-Heat Trick or Treat Tour: (click photo to be taken to original rules and contests) Trick or Treat Gawd the Heat Book Boyfriends are mental-sweets! To ...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Power of the Moon BLOG TOUR


LIMITED SPECIAL SWAG piece... If you've read Power of the Moon and you're a fan of the book, you'll get just as much joy out of this as I am. Here's a pic of the customized handcuff charm! These are stainless steel, one blue and one silver, with Power of the Moon engraved on the cuff. They are so freakin' cool! Enter to win through our blog tour host site, Forbidden Reviews!
You can also keep up with all the fun on the Facebook Event page





Strap yourself in, keep your ereaders snug and prepare yourself for a fun two week blog tour!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Author Tina Carreiro on the Road to Hell

Road to Hell series: Author Tina Carreiro on the Road to Hell:

Please welcome Author Tina Carreiro onto the Road to Hell. Tina Carreiro is the author of Power of the Moon.

Now, it’s time to create a little hell and get to the good stuff by revealing all of Tina Carreiro’s wicked secrets while on the Road to Hell. LOL  Yeah, you wish! ;-D 
Grab your favorite drink, sink your teeth into something decadent, sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know Tina…
GRACEN:  Tell me three things about yourself that we cannot find on the internet or in your bio? 
Tina Carreiro: I could tell you but then the Men in Black will come take you away. Lol Okay, three things that won’t get you investigated. I worked in a funeral home. I’m addicted to Caramel Macchiato creamer and… nope, that one will get you in trouble. ;)

GRACEN: What hobbies and interests do you participate in when you’re not writing?
Tina Carreiro: I love crafts, playing with Lego’s and Rock Band with my family, camping and photo manipulation. 
GRACEN: Do you have any writing quirks or certain things you MUST have or do before beginning the writing process?

Tina Carreiro: Yes! I have to have my twist, solid in my head. My husband laughs at me and calls me M. Night Shyamalan. 

GRACEN: If you were plotting to take over the world, how would you do it?

Tina Carreiro: Well, that’s an easy one. I would start by controlling all the chocolate of the world, followed by caffeine, then shoes and purses. Now… this won’t throw everyone off, just mostly women. I’ll start my divide and conquer by giving out a shoe here, a piece of chocolate there until I have all the women on my side. That’s the answer to world domination. There’s nothing like the love from a woman’s heart, nothing like a woman scorn and NOTHING like a woman that wants a freaking piece of chocolate.

GRACEN: I'd be your faithful minion if you controlled coffee a/k/a nectar of the gods! haha If you could make one statement that the entire planet would hear and remember, what would it be?

Tina Carreiro: Don’t waste your time on spiteful, mean spirited people. You can’t change them, rise above it and move on. Life is short.

GRACENWhat genre do you write and why that genre?

Monday, October 1, 2012

You took the Blurb right out of my mouth

Here’s the new blurb for Power of the Moon.

Haunted by visions of death, and a past that holds her prisoner, Mia Starr never imagined her life could become even more complex. Untapped psychic powers spark to life, and her chosen solitary existence fills with creatures that shatter her safe reality. Now the very thing she fears the most is the one thing that will complete her in every way possible.

Detective Cole Barnett has mastered the vampire within. It has earned him respect and a position with Sector 13, the hardest job a vampire can hold. When a beautiful mortal is thrown into his investigation, with powers able to subjugate vampires, she tests his restraint.

Cole and Mia’s passion ignites, but Mia’s fear holds her back and she struggles to forget his touch and possessive kiss. What she doesn’t realize is the more she runs from him, the more excited he becomes, and the hunt is something he cannot resist.