Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Power of the Moon - Bookmark and Trading card

Swag ...swag ... swag!!! I have been very busy and having fun. Below is the first peek at a bookmark and paranormal romance trading card. The bookmark will be added as an extra autographed item during the pre-release party to the first 100 orders as well as the trading card. If you are attending the local book launching party, you will also be able to get these two items.  I think they look hot! What do you think??

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Power of the Moon’s - Detective Cole Barnett

Since the eBook release of, Power of the Moon, much love has been given to my character, Detective Cole Barnett. So much love that he has his own Facebook page. Cole’s character is close to my heart, as are most of my characters, but Cole … let’s just say a big chunk of him is embedded into my soul. 

In addition to a devastating smile, Cole has many layers. In POTM, you only received a taste of his past and a peek into his pain because the book was more focused on Mia’s self discovery.  In book two, Covet the Moon, you’ll get a little more of both sides but, let’s just say Cole’s fangs are going to come out a bit more. ;)

Power of the Moon will be released in print on July 4th. You can join us for the pre-order FB party Tuesday, June 14 at 12:00am - June 15 at 12:00am for giveaways!

Some favorite Cole quotes:

“My love, you are playing with a fire that you do not fully understand.” His voice was deep and controlled. “There are times I may not be able to control myself. I am injured and I need to feed – this would be one of those times.”

“I don’t know what circumstances occurred in your life for you to build such a strong brick wall around your heart, but I do intend to tear it down.”

“When you give yourself to me, completely, I will bite you. Until then my love, I will only nibble on you.”

Why do you love Cole and what are your favorite quotes?

Now, I know why you're really here so check out your clue at the top and the next blog link to hop to at the bottom. Many prizes to come including a PDF copy of, Power of the Moon. Remember to follow these two rules: leave a comment on each blog and to have fun! If you break a rule, Detective Cole Barnett may have to pay you a visit. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Power of the Moon - review by Best Books

Here is another great review for Power of the Moon by Best Books. The book review sites have been incredibly nice and very fun. I know how much time and work goes into running a site and the passion that is poured into it. So when I say I'm greatfull to the review sites for their support and the time they have taken to read my beloved book, it goes much deeper than the words.

I'm delighted that everyone is enjoying, Power of the Moon, and loving Mia and Cole.

Thank you everyone!

You can also check out Goodreads for more reviews.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Winners annouced for the Sassy Book Lovers review

There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning to give stuff away. The lovely ladies from Sassy have announced the winners for the giveaway we did during the review of, Power of the Moon. If your name was drawn, look in your email box for a message from Sassy. Congratulations to the winners! I hope you enjoy your prizes.

There are many things coming up. More giveaways, not only for Power of the Moon, but Sassy is doing a blog hop and lots of prizes will be given away during this virtual fun.

Firefly and Wisp, my publisher, will also be giving fun prizes away. You can follow them on FB or check out their website for future announcements.

Have fun!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life is what you make it

I’ve always been baffled by people who sit around and claim to be victimized by the world when, the harsh reality is they’ve created their own mess. We see this often with the manipulators of the world. Those who prey on the weak and the kindhearted. They are surprised and rather shocked when life comes crashing down around them.

I’m a firm believer in Karma or “the spiritual order of law,” cause and effect, what goes around comes around. There has to be a balance of positive and negative energy. If you do something negative toward someone, well then watch out, you will get it back threefold.

If you are like me and have sat back and watched the power of Karma play out in life, then you know eventually, the mean and bad things someone does will come back to bite them on the ass.

Your life is what you make it. You can choose to be a victim of circumstance, a product of your environment or you can rise above it. Depression – been there. Torrid tails of a bad childhood – done that. There are many paths I could have taken, dark paths. However, I refused to let it happen. I have dreams and I go after them with a vengeance. Just like my character Mia, I have rules I try to follow.

Stay away from all negativity. Pay it forward and be kind. Life doesn’t have a rewind.  ;)