Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Into Romance Hop 

So it begins...

Romance is, and will always be, my favorite genre. Thankfully, the selection is never ending but the sub-genre is what pulls me to a romance, and the uniqueness of a story is what holds me there. Stories that are bold, different and push the envelope are the ones I adore. So, let me feed your like-minded addiction and giveaway some delicious ebooks. 

Two winners. Your choice of one of the following:

The Road to Hell series is one of my favorites. The first in the series, Pandora's Box, is up for grabs. Gracen Miller weaves a fantastic horror romance.


The Twists of Fate series is another fav! The first in the series is Connected, it's up for grabs as well. I adore Jolyn Palliata's writing, in fact, I devour anything she writes. It's different and she loves to test boundaries. 


  The Romance Reviews Hop

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  1. Thanks for participating in this blog hop, Tina. I've accomplished all the tasks and hope I win the draw. :-) I'd love Pandora's Box.