Monday, January 9, 2012

GO EJ - Book giveaway for the Choroideremia Research Foundation

Imagine seeing life through a straw until your peripheral vision erodes and soon that small tunnel of vision will close into blackness.

That’s what people effected by Choroideremia (CHM) face. Some, have never seen stars, driven a car and their love for reading is fading with their sight.

EJ Scott is one who is effected by CHM. He has already lost 80% of his sight and is fighting to keep the remaining 20%. EJ has set out on a mission to raise awareness and funding for the Choroideremia Research Foundation by running 12 full, 26.2 mile, marathons this year. He’s not only running for himself, but also for everyone that carries the disease which includes his brother and seven year old nephew. His goal is raise $144,000 this year and he’s already raised $20,000.

EJ’s first marathon starts in a week in Arizona.

Why is this so urgent, because time is running out for some and it means the difference between the darkness and the light. A cure is just out of their reach and all they need is the funding.

Here is where the fun starts! To help support EJ raise funds and awareness, a team of authors have decided to give away not one, but several of their own books, bookmarks, and other types of swag. I am lucky to count myself as one of his top supporters! Keep watch as more items are added and PLEASE see rules below.

How to enter. Please pay close attention to the rules there are 2 ways to win! You can do 1 or both: