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Uprising by Dawn Jayne BLOG TOUR

Please welcome Author Dawn Jayne into the Sector 13 Zone. Dawn Jayne is the author of Uprising.

Now, let’s have some fun and see if we can get Dawn Jayne to reveal any secrets that would make her a suspect of Sector 13. LOL

Relax, keep your hands and feet in the blog tour until it comes to a complete stop and enjoy interrogating Dawn Jayne with me. :)

1) I know something others don’t. You use to write True Blood fanfic. Did writing fan fiction help or hinder you in writing Uprising?

Both, actually. The fanfic community is wonderfully supportive, and that experience absolutely helped me find the courage to go forward with my own stories. I am wholeheartedly grateful to everyone who offered encouragement.  

But when I started to work on Uprising, I found I couldn’t borrow characters any longer. I always tried to mimic the style of authors when I wrote fanfic – as a tribute to them and the worlds they created that I love so much. I had to let that go and concentrate on my own voice and my own style. Now I kinda hope my stories will inspire some fanfic at some point! 

2) Where did the idea for Uprising come from?

No idea. The story has been with me for so long it has become a part of my soul. I can’t remember a time in my adult life when this world of angels wasn’t bouncing around in my brain, and over the years the characters and story took shape and got bigger until I thought my head would explode if I didn’t let it out.
Sometimes I wonder why it took me so long to start writing, but then other times I don’t think I could’ve started a single moment before I did. I’m not sure where the idea came from, but I’m glad it stuck with me 

3) Is there something that draws you to angels and makes you want to write about them?

Angels just seem this perfect blend of fantasy and reality. The very idea of angels and what they represent inspires strong feelings in me, and I think that’s why I love them, why I’m drawn to them. There’s so many angel books out there already, and the pragmatic side of me said I should pick something else, something ‘new’.

But I told the pragmatist to take a hike and listened to my heart. I love angels, and I love my angels. I couldn’t give them up.  

4) Any similarities to your characters and someone in real life? Emory, for sure! He has Choroideremia, and that was not a random insertion. I have a wonderful friend battling with that disease and trying to raise funds for a cure. Just getting the word out there is so important, and I hope Emory helped a little bit. It’s not just something I tossed in there, either. Emory’s struggle fits with the greater arc of the whole story, it’s not out of place. 

There’s also a cat – Oliver. He has a real-life counterpart! 

5) There’s a lot of interesting stuff in your book from astrology to religion. What research did you do in preparation for Uprising?

researched everything. I took classes. I read and re-read my old books on spirituality and religious studies. It got really bad there for a while – I was spending days and weeks just choosing character names to make sure they fit the character and had a ‘deeper’ meaning. I made astrological charts for all the main characters, bought books on military history and blah blah blah. Looking back, I was a little unhinged.  

6) Is Uprising a standalone book, or is it part of a series? If there will be more books, how many in the series and when we can have the next one? Uprising is the first book in what is currently planned to be a 3 book series. The next book is called Crises and it’s well on the way to completion. I hope to have it to beta readers by the end of the year. 

 7) Do you have a favorite book about angels? I recently read a book called Angelfall, by Susan Ee. It’s my favorite angel book to date, and I just found out it’s going to be a movie! Don’t get me wrong – as a writer, I’m totally envious. That is the holy grail for writers, right? But as a fan…I will be there opening day. Midnight showing. With a Raffe t-shirt. 

8) What role does feedback play in your writing process? You know those saying ‘no news is good news’ and ‘silence is golden’? I hate those sayings. I’d rather get a scathing, angry, venomous monologue of rage as a review than…nothing. Because when I get nothing, I assume the reader wanted to leave a scathing, angry, venomous monologue of rage…but didn’t think the book was even worth the effort! LOL 

9) What is your favorite character to write and why?

Favorite – depends on the day and my mood. I have a great time with the Heralds – Tyre, in particular – especially if I’m feeling a little naughty. ;) Shay is fun, because she can be a bit catty. I love writing Dominik, but I do need him in small doses, bless his heart. Rise is a challenge, but she’s totally worth the effort!  

Thank you, Dawn, for stopping by and the best of luck on your awesome series.

For the giveaway and more information about Uprising, please see below. I truly loved this book. It is one of my favorite books. When you reach the end of the book, your mind does a double take as you learn how everything ties together, seamlessly. The story stays with you for days.


Genre: New Adult,  Fantasy
Release date: 11/29/12
Publisher: Time and Tide Publishing

Uprising Blurb (book 1 Fires of Providence Series):

What one angel will risk to earn the title of Herald,
is matched only by what another will do to keep it.

Heralds are the most powerful of all angels, secretive and feared, created for a single purpose. Only those most courageous and worthy earn a place within the elite choir, and only by breaking ancient oaths held sacred can the honor be stripped. It's a punishment that hasn't been imposed in over two-thousand years, until a single reckless act sets off a firestorm, threatening to consume all creation.

Rise Hawke never suspected she'd been marked to play a role in the deadly events unfolding in the spiritual realm. Independent and resistant to authority, she isn't thrilled when she meets Dominik, an angel with new wings, an old grudge, and a mysterious agenda he's determined to impose.

Vowing to uncover the secrets kept from her, Rise soon learns that knowing what you are isn't nearly as dangerous as discovering why. Hunted by those who want to destroy her, and controlled by those who would see her fulfill her purpose, she is forced into a brutal battle set in motion long before she was ever born. It soon becomes clear that what one angel will risk to earn the title of Herald, is matched only by what another will do to keep it.

Book 1 in Fires of Providence Series

Time and Tide Publishing / Amazon / Barnes& Noble

About the Author:
Dawn Jayne is a lifelong Hoosier. She attended Purdue University before enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. She met her husband, Todd, in Okinawa and enjoys reminding him she held a higher rank for a while.

When she's not writing, Dawn takes classes in religious and spiritual studies, rearranges furniture, and spends as much time as she can with her teenage kids. She loves midnight movies, hates wearing shoes, and is terrified of giant sunflowers. Her new favorite hobby is motorcycle rides with Todd.  Dawn lives with her family in Indianapolis.

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