Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Power of the Moon Blog Tour - Last Stop!

What an awesome day to end a tour on one of my favorite holidays, Halloween! We had an incredible two weeks filled with fun and prizes. This was my first blog tour. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. I’ve been involved in websites in the past so I know a lot of hard work goes into running one but this blog tour was something entirely different. Wow! I have to hand it to all the bloggers that helped on this tour. You guys busted your ass! This was a lot of work. I really had NO idea the amount of time and effort it takes to pull off a blog tour. I do know how much love and passion each blogger puts into their site though, and that I will always be grateful for you, the bloggers. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and give me a spot on your site. 

A special thanks to the host site, Forbidden Reviews. Thank you, Mindy, for showing me the way. :)

I wasn’t sure what to post at the end of the tour so I asked around. The answer I received: GIVE ME COVET THE MOON!

What can I tell you about CtM? Well, if you read the first chapter at the end of Power of the Moon you know the pace is set to be another thrilling ride. It’s going to be bloody and intense. I have laughed and cried several times while writing. I have delayed completing some scenes due to the emotions I have to pull up from the basement to write them. With PotM being my first book, I have learned a lot. I have learned to trust my gut and stay true to my voice. That means, the gloves are off and Covet is going to be an incredible ride for those who already love PoTM.

I’ve once again taken things I personally love and crafted Covet the Moon. This time… we’re going to “take it to the mattresses.” *hint*

Covet short blurb:
Being a cop is hard enough without the urge to lick the blood from a fresh corpse at a crime scene. Once you've mastered your inner beast, you can keep your fangs from popping. That is, until someone takes away the one person who speaks to your soul, and you’re pushed to your breaking point. Then, the vampire within claws at you from the inside, leaving you with one choice – let it rage!

~ Covet the Moon - coming soon to a coffin near you!

Sometimes you have to unleash the beast…



As a BIG thank you for reading! Here’s something extra!

Enter to win one LIMITED Power of the Moon swag piece. This handcuff charm is symbolic to the book and engraved with Power of the Moon.

Here is your last chance to enter to win a swag pack at Forbidden Reviews 


  1. I haven't read it YET...but I'm thinking that Cole will definitely be my favorite!

  2. I have read this book multiple times... LOVE it! I cannot wait for the second one!!! Please hurry, I need more Cole fixes!!! Thanks Tina for writing an awesome book!!!

  3. I know I may be alone in thinking this, but I really like Mia. She's spunky and I love that!

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  5. Cole & Mia as a couple...I just how they come together!

  6. Awesome tour and beautiful swag.

  7. Thank you everyone! Looks like Donna B. is the WINNER! Congrats.