Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SupernovaSupernova by Crystal Ward

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


For me, first person narrative is a hard sell and it has to be good to reel me in and keep my interested. Crystal Ward did just that. This isn’t your cookie-cutter story about love and light. The story starts dark and that’s where it grips you. You slide right into to Evania’s darkness. You can feel Evania's emotional torment and how it suffocates her just to breathe.

We follow Evania on adventure of discovery where a fight to die and fight to live battle inside her. This is where we meet the captivating story line of the Guardians. We meet more characters and their back-stories alone are deep and well written. You get an instant connection with their pain and start waving your Guardian flag for a victories finish. The good guys always win, right?

When Evania’s true powers were discovered, I was blown away by the author’s imagination. The Guardians have incredible abilities and they are really cool. There is evil in the book as well, called Adversaries and Equals both are dangerous enemies. There are some very cool fight scenes, some twists, and surprises. Entwined in all this there is a beautiful love story that shows you, “the possible in a world of impossible.” I highly recommended, Supernova and don’t forget the teaser for the next installment, Tsunami!

I just hope they find “other” uses for the plastic wrap. ;)

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